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Mindful Healthcare & Crowdcube

Mindful plans to use blockchain, artificial intelligence and video technologies to deliver collaborative mental health recovery programmes for 8 to 25 year olds.

Our vision is to work with families, schools and universities in changing the way mental health services are provided – initially in the UK, but ultimately worldwide. We plan for our technology platform to support our team of psychotherapists in delivering collaborative mental health and wellbeing programmes in partnership with schools.

The NHS is at breaking point and current digital mental healthcare is simply replicating traditional medical models.

1 in 8 young people, have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem of which 20% result in behavioural problems, high absenteeism and sometimes exclusion from school. The wait for NHS support can be over 12 months. An estimated 70% of children with problems do not have appropriate interventions early enough.

Mindful leverages the proven success in bringing together healthcare and education to double the speed of recovery for children with mental health issues.

Mindful is currently running a pilot scheme and is signing up schools in the West Midlands. We are signing partnerships with 6 Multi Academy Trusts with a further trust to sign > 50 schools.

Crowdcube & Mindful Healthcare